Skopje is a city with a long and vivid history. The Stone Bridge in the center of the city was built on the Roman foundations. The old fortress was built during the rule of Emperor Justinian I. They have been recently restored and attract the tourists. The famous Old Bazaar, which impressed Evlya Çelebi is well preserved, and it is still very beautiful and busy. Hundreds of old churches and mosques, particularly Saint Panteleimon in Gorno Nerezi, Saint Nikita in Gornjane, as well as Saint Savour Church and Mustafa Pasha’s mosque near the Skopje Fortress are gorgeous. Since 2011, the 66 meter Millennium Cross on the top of the Vodno Hill can be reached by a ropeway. The view towards the city is simply astonishing. The cave Vrelo in the Matka Canyon is one of the deepest underwater caves in the world. Social program will enable you to visit many of these monuments.

Skopje was the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire and the Empire of the Serbs and Greeks; the place where Stefan Dušan was crowned; it was a birthplace of Archbishop Maksim of Peć, Yahya Kemal Beyatly, Saint Mother Theresa, Milka Babović, Ljubiša Samardžić, Mike Zafirovski and Branimir Johnny Štulić; a city where Branislav Nušić, Dragoslav Mitrinoviić and Toše Proeski worked and lived, and the resting place of Goce Delčev, Giorgis Zorba the Greek, Jože Ulčar, Ġorģi Čupona and Blagoj Popov.